India’s first financial and life mentor is here.

Expenses. Income. Investments. Bills. Subscriptions. Life advice. All in one super app – Finakya.

“If you have ever dreamt of moving up the social ladder, leaving behind your unwise spending habits and instead, saving, earning and living more, then you have arrived at the right place.”

It took 3 years of research and development to get this right, and now, the financial super app that every Indian wants, is available for Android. Think of using only 1 app for all your financial needs. Everything. In one app. Add to that, a healthy dose of AI + Expert advice on any life decision. Should you buy a new car? Should you get that second home? What mutual funds should you invest in? What stocks will perform? That app is Finakya.

We are in pursuit of the hottest start ups in India and abroad, for integrations and collaborations, so that you don’t have to move a muscle. Office reimbursements? Business accounting? What if you could have all that data in 1 app with separate dashboards for each of them? Best deals at your favourite stores? Exclusive coupons just for you? We got you covered. Seems dreams do come true!

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