Why Finakya gets expense management right.

Lots of people aspire to get it right, but only one app gets it done right. These are the reasons why Finakya gets expense management right, while no one else does.

Finakya helps you answer the following questions.

Where did I spend my money?

A question which haunts us all, when the month ends.

Finakya uses its proprietary crowd-sourced algorithm to identify in real-time, which places did you spend your money at?

ALERT: You’ve spent Rs.718.00  on CREDIT Card xx1234 at Sohan Sons on 2020-04-18:13:23:06.Avl bal – Rs.1234.00, curr o/s – Rs.12345.00.Not you? Call 11223344

Notice the “merchant name” is in bold. Or is it? Who the hell is “Sohan and Sons”? Was it the petrol pump? Was it the sweet shop? Was it the grocery store or was it the restaurant you went to with your friends the other day? You will never know. Unless you have Finakya to help you!

Finakya crowd-sources data in real time to tell you that Sohan and Sons is a pharmacy in your neighbourhood! Finally you can rest easy.

It gives you a sweet list to view all your transactions, and also gives you a option to switch on our proprietary Smart View tech, that shows you only those transactions, that have a net effect on your bank balance. Paid something for someone, and they paid you back? Turn those unnecessary transactions off!

Finakya’s transaction screen, with built in Smart View Mode, to see only net effective transactions.

Where am I spending my money?

Questions that ail us, when it comes time to file our taxes and we realise that we splurged everything, this year too.

In the long term, there are some noticable patterns to your spending. Finakya can help you by pointing these out to you. Finakya can help you track every transaction, going back years, if you have the smses for it.


Which expenses are my regular expenses?

The next natural question to answer

Finakya allows you to enter and track all your regular and fixed expenses as well, and gives you a neat calendar view to help put things in perspective.

A great way to see your spends!

What can I do to correct myself! I will always stay broke unless I do something?

The realisation that hits us someday, when its too late already

Finakya takes care of that too. Finakya gives you weekly reports with insights and actually usable realtime advice that works!

Get insights like this delivered to your app every week!
Take action and see the results for yourself!

But wait, there are tons of other scenario’s for which you could have designed expense management features? We already have! Get ready to read our next posts, because we have a whole lot in store for you!

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